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Image of December 2022 edition of MPC’s ToxTidbits


Sodium Nitrite Poisoning
December 2022

Local anesthetic systemic toxicity
November 2022

One size may not fit all when treating calcium channel blockers
October 2022

Euphoria from PyrethROIDs?
August 2022

Euglycemic DKA from SGLT2 inhibitors
July 2022

Senna associated dermatitis
June 2022

Cylindrical battery ingestions
May 2022

Extracorporeal removal of metformin
April 2022

Aromatic ammonia inhalants
March 2022

Dialysis of gabapentin and pregabalin
February 2022

Extracorporeal removal of lithium
January 2022


Pediatric aripiprazole ingestions
December 2021

Imaging in toxicology
November 2021

Levocarnitine for valproic acid toxicity
October 2021

Succulent surprise
September 2021

Detergent suicides
August 2021

Ocular exposures to laundry pods
July 2021

Delta-8 distilled
June 2021

Anavip® vs Crofab®, the battle of the antivenoms
May 2021

NPS Benzodiazepines
April 2021

Tramadol revisited
March 2021

National Poison Prevention Week 2021
February 2021

January 2021


Novichoks, Nerve Agents in the News
December 2020

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
November 2020

Milk-alkali Syndrome
October 2020

The Benadryl Challenge
September 2020

Oleandrin and Other Cardioactive Steroids
August 2020

Renal Injury with Isopropyl Alcohol
July 2020

Methadone and COVID-19
June 2020

Bleach Exposures During COVID-19
May 2020

The Nutmeg Challenge
April 2020

Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine - Old Drugs, Still Just as Toxic
March 2020
Click Here for a Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Quick Reference Sheet

What's New with NAC?
February 2020

National Poison Prevention Week 2020
January 2020

To view older issues, please visit our archive.