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Pediatric aripiprazole ingestions
December 2021

Imaging in toxicology
November 2021

Levocarnitine for valproic acid toxicity
October 2021

Succulent surprise
September 2021

Detergent suicides
August 2021

Ocular exposures to laundry pods
July 2021

Delta-8 distilled
June 2021

Anavip® vs Crofab®, the battle of the antivenoms
May 2021

NPS Benzodiazepines
April 2021

Tramadol revisited
March 2021

National Poison Prevention Week 2021
February 2021

January 2021


Novichoks, Nerve Agents in the News
December 2020

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
November 2020

Milk-alkali Syndrome
October 2020

The Benadryl Challenge
September 2020

Oleandrin and Other Cardioactive Steroids
August 2020

Renal Injury with Isopropyl Alcohol
July 2020

Methadone and COVID-19
June 2020

Bleach Exposures During COVID-19
May 2020

The Nutmeg Challenge
April 2020

Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine - Old Drugs, Still Just as Toxic
March 2020
Click Here for a Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Quick Reference Sheet

What's New with NAC?
February 2020

National Poison Prevention Week 2020
January 2020


ToxTidbits (December 2019)
Topic: Pediatric Vilazodone Ingestions - A Medical Emergency

ToxTidbits (November 2019)
Topic: Metal Fume Fever

ToxTidbits (October 2019)
Topic: E-cigarette, or Vaping, Associated Lung Injury
(Note: Editing error corrected on October 17, 2019)

ToxTidbits (September 2019)
Topic: Carbapenems for Valproic Acid Toxicity

ToxTidbits (August 2019)
Topic: Dinitrophenol

ToxTidbits (July 2019)
Topic: Metformin-Associated Lactic Acidosis

ToxTidbits (June 2019)
Topic: Anavip for Timber Rattlesnake Envenomation

ToxTidbits (May 2019)
Topic: 2018 Maryland Poison Center Cases

ToxTidbits (April 2019)
Topic: Ethylene Glycol and the Lactate Gap

ToxTidbits (March 2019)
Topic: Enclosed Space Fires and Cyanide Poisoning

ToxTidbits (February 2019)
Topic: "How long do I need to watch this patient?"

ToxTidbits (January 2019)
Topic: Xylazine


ToxTidbits (December 2018)*
Topic: Tianeptine
*Updated May 2024

ToxTidbits (November 2018)
Topic: Gabapentin Abuse

ToxTidbits (October 2018)
Topic: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

ToxTidbdits (September 2018)
Topic: Acute Isoniazid Toxicity

ToxTidbits (August 2018)
Topic: Intoxication Deaths in Maryland

ToxTidbits (July 2018)
Topic: Two-bag Acetylcysteine: Simpler and Safer

ToxTidbits (June 2018)
Topic: If it Smells Rotten, Beware!

ToxTidbits (May 2018)
Topic: Venomous Snakes in Maryland

ToxTidbits (April 2018)
Topic: Toxicity of Newer Atypical Antipsychotics in Young Children

ToxTidbits (March 2018)
Topic: Essential Oils

ToxTidbits (February 2018)
Topic: Class I Antiarrhythmics

ToxTidbits (January 2018)
Topic: Synthetic Cannabinoids


ToxTidbits (November 2017)
Topic: Clonidine Overdoses

ToxTidbits (October 2017)
Topic: Acute Cyanide Toxicity from Amygdalin

ToxTidbits (September 2017)
Topic: Salicylate Poisoning

ToxTidbits (August 2017)
Topic: Phenibut - Wonder Drug or Unsafe Supplement?

ToxTidbits (July 2017)
Topic: Abrin

ToxTidbits (June 2017)
Topic: Black Widow Spider Bites

ToxTidbits (May 2017)
Topic: Bupropion Abuse

ToxTidbits (April 2017)
Topic: Calls to the Maryland Poison Center in 2016

ToxTidbits (March 2017)
Topic: Promethazine Abuse: A Growing Problem?

ToxTidbits (February 2017)
Topic: Pediatric Buprenorphine Ingestions

ToxTidbits (January 2017)
Topic: Hydrofluoric Acid


ToxTidbits (October 2016)
Topic: Bystander Naloxone and the Poison Center

ToxTidbits (September 2016) 
Topic: Carfentanil
(Note: Updated August 7, 2017) 

ACMT and AACT Position Statement: Preventing Occupational Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analog Exposure to Emergency Responders:

ToxTidbits (August 2016)
Topic: Poison Hemlock

ToxTidbits (July 2016)
Topic: Lionfish Stings
Download Bibliography

ToxTidbits (June 2016)
Topic: Physostigmine for Anticholinergic Toxicity

ToxTidbits (May 2016)
Topic: Synthetic Opioids

ToxTidbits (April 2016)
Topic: Calls to the MPC in 2015

ToxTidbits (February-March 2016)
Topic: Osmol Gap and Poison Exposures

ToxTidbits (January 2016)
Topic: Carbon Monoxide Myths


ToxTidbits (December 2015)‌
Topic: Holiday Hazard Myths

ToxTidbits (November 2015)
Topic: Loperamide

ToxTidbits (September/October 2015)
Topic: Marijuana Concentrates

ToxTidbits (August 2015)
Topic: Drug Induced QT Prolongation

ToxTidbits (June/July 2015)
Topic: Insect Repellents

ToxTidbits (May 2015)
Topic: Synthetic Cannabinoids

ToxTidbits (April 2015)
Topic: Pediatric Marijuana Ingestions

ToxTidbits (March 2015)
Topic: Calls to the Maryland Poison Center in 2014‌

ToxTidbits (February 2015)
Topic: Methylene Blue

ToxTidbits (January 2015)
Topic: Guanfacine Extended Release


ToxTidbits (December 2014)
Topic: Compounded Pain Creams and Ointments

ToxTidbits (November 2014)
Topic: Kratom‌

ToxTidbits (October 2014)
Topic: Hydrocarbons

ToxTidbits (September 2014)
Topic: Expanding Access to Naloxone in Maryland

ToxTidbits (August 2014)
Topic: The EPA Rodenticide Ban and Bromethalin

ToxTidbits (July 2014)
Topic: Caffeine -- No Longer Just A Mild Stimulant!

ToxTidbits (June 2014)
Topic: Bupropion‌

‌‌ToxTidbits (April/May 2014)
Topic: E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid Nicotine

ToxTidbits (March 2014)
Topic: Hydrogen Peroxide Ingestions

ToxTidbits (February 2014)
Topic: Zohydro ER (Hydrocodone)

ToxTidbits (January 2014)
Topic: False Positive Urine Screens for Phencyclidine


ToxTidbits (December 2013)
Topic: Pediatric Magnet Ingestions

ToxTidbits (November 2013)
Topic: What is "Krokodil"?

ToxTidbits (September/October 2013)
Topic: Maryland Poison Center 2012 Annual Report

ToxTidbits (August 2013)
Topic: Laundry Detergent Pod Ingestions

ToxTidbits (July 2013)
Topic: Fentanyl and Acetyl Fentanyl

ToxTidbits (June 2013)
Topic: Ethanol Therapy for Ethylene Glycol and Methanol Toxicity

ToxTidbits (May 2013)
Topic: The "Cinnamon Challenge"

ToxTidbits (March/April 2013)
Topic: Ricin

ToxTidbits (February 2013)
Topic: National Poison Prevention Week

ToxTidbits (January 2013)
Topic: 5 “Tox Tips” to help you manage your poisoned patients and a chart of Toxidromes


ToxTidbits (December 2012)
Topic: Ibogaine

ToxTidbits (November 2012)
Topic: Treatment of Warfarin Over-Anticoagulation – Vitamin K1 Update

ToxTidbits (October 2012)
Topic: The Value of Poison Centers

ToxTidbits (August 2012)
Topic: Ondansetron and QT Interval Prolongation

ToxTidbits (July 2012)*
Topic: L-Carnitine Use in Valproic Acid Toxicity
*Updated October 2021

ToxTidbits (June 2012)
Topic: CroFab: Important Update

ToxTidbits (May 2012)
Topic: Intranasal Naloxone: Concentrate and Split

ToxTidbits (April 2012)‌
Topic: Methylene Chloride; also, a warning about the Cinnamon Challenge

ToxTidbits (March 2012)
Topic: MDMA (ecstasy)

ToxTidbits (February 2012)
Topic: Baclofen Overdoses

ToxTidbits (January 2012)
Topic: ACE Inhibitor Overdoses


ToxTidbits (December 2011)
Topic: Dabigatran (Pradaxa)

ToxTidbits (November 2011)
Topic: Sulfonylurea Overdoses

ToxTidbits (October 2011)
Topic: Acute Metformin Overdose

ToxTidbits (September 2011)
Topic: Cofactors for Ethylene Glycol and Methanol Poisoning

ToxTidbits (August 2011)
Topic: Carisoprodol

ToxTidbits (July 2011)
Topic: Magnesium Toxicity; also an update on Synthetic Marijuana Compounds

ToxTidbits (June 2011)
Topic: Chlorine Inhalation Exposures

ToxTidbits (May 2011)
Topic: Cholinergic Toxidrome

ToxTidbits (April 2011)
Topic: Unintentional Insulin Errors

ToxTidbits (April 2011 Supplement)
Topic: Levothyroxine Overdose

ToxTidbits (March 2011)*
Topic: Nutmeg Abuse
*Updated April 2020

ToxTidbits (March 2011 Supplement)*
Topic: Tramadol Overdose
*Updated March 2021

ToxTidbits (February 2011)
Topic: “Bath Salts” (MDPV)

ToxTidbits (January 2011)
Topic: Benzonatate (Tessalon)


ToxTidbits (December 2010)
Topic: Citalopram and Escitalopram

ToxTidbits (November 2010)
Topic: Alcoholic Energy Drinks

ToxTidbits (October 2010)
Topic: Whole Bowel Irrigation

ToxTidbits (September 2010)
Topic: Serotonin Syndrome

ToxTidbits (August 2010)
Topic: Button Battery Ingestions

ToxTidbits (July 2010)
Topic: Levamisole - A Cocaine Contaminant

ToxTidbits (June 2010)
Topic: Accidental Epinephrine Injections

ToxTidbits (May 2010)
Topic: Mushroom Poisoning- Amatoxins

ToxTidbits (April 2010)
Topic: Ziprasidone

ToxTidbits (March 2010)
Topic: Scombroid Fish Poisoning

ToxTidbits (February 2010)
Topic: Topical Imidazolines

ToxTidbits (January 2010)
Topic: Benzocaine and Methemoglobinemia


ToxTidbits (December 2009)*
Topic: Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Overdose
*Updated March 2020

ToxTidbits (November 2009)
Topic: Ingestion of Isopropanol

ToxTidbits (October 2009)
Topic: Acetaminophen -- A New Approach to an Old Problem

ToxTidbits (September 2009)
Topic: Hyperinsulinemia Euglycemia

ToxTidbits (August 2009)
Topic: Body Packers and Body Stuffers

ToxTidbits (July 2009)
Topic: Propofol Infusion Syndrome

ToxTidbits (June 2009)
Topic: Hydrogen Sulfide

ToxTidbits (May 2009)
Topic: Oxymorphone (Opana)

ToxTidbits (April 2009)
Topic: Intralipid for Overdoses

ToxTidbits (March 2009)
Topic: Prussian Blue

ToxTidbits (February 2009)*
Topic: Valproic Acid
*Updated July 2012

ToxTidbits (January 2009)
Topic: Methotrexate Toxicity


ToxTidbits (December 2008)
Topic: Fomepizole: Drug Name Confusion

ToxTidbits (November 2008)
Topic: Iron Overdose

ToxTidbits (October 2008)
Topic: Stings from the Puss Caterpillar

ToxTidbits (September 2008)
Topic: Jimson Weed

ToxTidbits (August 2008)
Topic: Medication Errors with Intravenous Acetylcysteine

ToxTidbits (July 2008)
Topic: Brown Recluse Spider Envenomations

ToxTidbits (June 2008)*
Topic: Tramadol Overdose
*Updated March 2021

ToxTidbits (May 2008)
Topic: Emergency Medical Services and the Maryland Poison Center

ToxTidbits (March 2008)
Topic: Acute Phenytoin Overdose

ToxTidbits (February 2008)
Topic: National Poison Prevention Week

ToxTidbits (January 2008)*
Topic: Caffeine Overdose
*Updated July 2014