Poison Prevention Press Archive

Poison Prevention Press is an e-newsletter that is published every other month by the Maryland Poison Center. It is designed to educate the public about poisons and how to prevent poisonings and overdoses in the home, school, and workplace.

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OTC Medicine Safety
November/December 2015

Hidden Sources of Alcohol
September/October 2015

Bystander Naloxone
July/August 2015

Top Summertime Poison Hazards
May/June 2015

Laundry Packets
March/April 2015

Lice Products
January/February 2015


Holiday Hazards‌
November/December 2014

Essential Oils
September/October 2014

Back-to-School Poison Safety
July/August 2014

Summertime Poison Hazards
May/June 2014

MPC Top 10 Exposures in Seniors
March/April 2014

A Day in the Life of a Poison Center
January/February 2014


Toy Safety
November/December 2013

Electronic Cigarettes and Nicotine
September/October 2013

MPC Top 10 Exposures in Young Children
July/August 2013

Parent Information for Senior Week
May/June 2013

Kids Eat the Darnedest Things
March/April 2013

Don't Google...Just Call!
January/February 2013


Holiday Poem
November/December 2012

Transdermal Patches
September/October 2012

Calling the MPC
July/August 2012

Laundry Products
May/June 2012

Spring Poison Safety
March/April 2012

MPC 40th Anniversary
January/February 2012


Carbon Monoxide
November/December 2011

Pre-teens and Teens: What Parents Need to Know
September/October 2011

Acetaminophen Update
July/August 2011

Insect Repellents
May/June 2011

Poison Myths
March/April 2011

January/February 2011


Nonmedical Use of Prescription Medicines
November/December 2010

Synthetic Marijuana (K2, Spice)
September/October 2010

Button Batteries
July/August 2010

Food Safety
May/June 2010

Poison Safety for Pets
March/April 2010

Poison Help for Seniors
January/February 2010


November/December 2009

Bites and Stings
July 2009

Summertime Poison Hazards
May 2009

Cough and Cold Medicines
January 2009


Winter and Holiday Hazards
November 2008

Always Ask First
September 2008

Proper Storage Prevents Poisonings
July 2008

Common Outdoor Poisonous Plants
May 2008

Energy Drinks
March 2008

Get to Know the Maryland Poison Center
January 2008