Education Materials

The Maryland Poison Center has a selection of educational materials and poison safety information available.

Educational Materials:

Request a Poison Safety Packet
Marylanders in our service area are invited to request poison safety information, Mr. Yuk stickers, telephone stickers, and a magnet for their home.

Order Maryland Poison Center Educational Materials
Marylanders in our service area can order educational materials in larger quantities. Limited quantities are available at no cost for most items. Materials available include: brochures, Mr. Yuk stickers, telephone stickers, magnets, posters, pencils, and teacher resource kits.

Customer Information Cards for Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Maryland medical marijuana dispensaries can provide important safety information to their customers. Visit this section to re-order Maryland Medical Cannabis Safety Resource cards.

Every 8 Seconds Someone Needs A Poison Center...Could You Be Next?
Printed versions of this brochure are available in English and Spanish through the Maryland Poison Center's online store. Visit this section to download the brochure in additional languages.

Downloadable Information Sheets:

Explore the links below for poison prevention information that can be downloaded and printed for use in your home, school, or workplace.

General Poison Prevention Information:

Babysitting and Poison Safety
Babysitters should include this reference in their babysitting tool kit.

Bites and Stings
Information about critters found in Maryland.

Carbon Monoxide
Important information about this silent killer.

E-cigarettes and Nicotine
Important information about available products, health effects and prevention tips

Emergency Action for Poisoning
Immediate steps to take when you suspect that a poisoning has occurred.

FDA Medication Disposal Information
Medicines should be discarded when they are no longer needed or when they expire. Keeping unused medicines in the home can lead to poisonings and overdoses in young children, potential abuse by teens, or therapeutic errors in adults and seniors.

Hand Sanitizers
Discover important facts about the use and safety of these popular products.

Insect Repellents
Important information about the safe use of insect repellents

Maryland Poison Center
General information about services offered through the Maryland Poison Center.

Medicine Disposal
The FDA-recommended way to dispose of medicines at home plus web-link for permanent prescription drop-off locations in Maryland.

Medicine Safety
Information about safe use and disposal of medicine

Medicine Tracker
Keep a list of all of your medicines (prescription, OTC, supplements, and vitamins) on this handy tool to make it easy to share the info with your doctor and pharmacist. Print the tool double-sided to keep all of your medical information in one place. Also provides questions you should ask your doctor when you are prescribed a new medicine.

Older Adults
Poison safety information specific to older adults

Poison Proofing
Follow these steps to help keep you and your family poison-safe.

Poison Safety Checklist
Keep your family poison-safe by using our checklist to tour your house and ensure that household products and medicines are stored properly. Also available in Spanish.

Poisonous Plants
Refer to this list of common plants for information about whether they are safe to have in and around your home. Note that not all plants are listed. Plants that do not appear on the list cannot be assumed to be non-toxic. Contact the Poison Center if the plant you are looking for does not appear on the list.

Synthetic Marijuana/Cannabinoids
Discover important information about this dangerous substance of abuse.

Holiday/Seasonal Poison Prevention Information:

Halloween Safety Tips
Keep your little goblins safe on Halloween by following these safety tips. Also available in Spanish.

Holiday Poison Safety
Information about common holday poison hazards.

Spring Poison Safety
Information about common springtime poison hazards.

Summer Poison Safety
Information about common summertime poison hazards. View a one-minute video of summer poison safety tips.

Fall Poison Safety
Information about common fall/autmn poison hazards.

Winter Poison Safety
Information about common wintertime poison hazards.