The Poison Center publishes a monthly newsletter for health professionals entitled ToxTidbits. This newsletter contains important toxicology information, updates, and news.

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ToxTidbits, a publication from the Maryland Poison Center


ToxTidbits (May 2017)
Topic: Bupropion Abuse

ToxTidbits (April 2017)
Topic: Calls to the Maryland Poison Center in 2016

ToxTidbits (March 2017)
Topic: Promethazine Abuse: A Growing Problem?

ToxTidbits (February 2017)
Topic: Pediatric Buprenorphine Ingestions

ToxTidbits (January 2017)
Topic: Hydrofluoric Acid


ToxTidbits (October 2016)
Topic: Bystander Naloxone and the Poison Center

ToxTidbits (September 2016)
Topic: Carfentanil

ToxTidbits (August 2016)
Topic: Poison Hemlock

ToxTidbits (July 2016)
Topic: Lionfish Stings
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ToxTidbits (June 2016)
Topic: Physostigmine for Anticholinergic Toxicity

ToxTidbits (May 2016)
Topic: Synthetic Opioids

ToxTidbits (April 2016)
Topic: Calls to the MPC in 2015

ToxTidbits (February-March 2016)
Topic: Osmol Gap and Poison Exposures

ToxTidbits (January 2016)
Topic: Carbon Monoxide Myths


ToxTidbits (December 2015)‌
Topic: Holiday Hazard Myths

ToxTidbits (November 2015)
Topic: Loperamide

ToxTidbits (September/October 2015)
Topic: Marijuana Concentrates

ToxTidbits (August 2015)
Topic: Drug Induced QT Prolongation

ToxTidbits (June/July 2015)
Topic: Insect Repellents

ToxTidbits (May 2015)
Topic: Synthetic Cannabinoids

ToxTidbits (April 2015)
Topic: Pediatric Marijuana Ingestions

ToxTidbits (March 2015)
Topic: Calls to the Maryland Poison Center in 2014‌

ToxTidbits (February 2015)
Topic: Methylene Blue

ToxTidbits (January 2015)
Topic: Guanfacine Extended Release


ToxTidbits (December 2014)
Topic: Compounded Pain Creams and Ointments

ToxTidbits (November 2014)
Topic: Kratom‌

ToxTidbits (October 2014)
Topic: Hydrocarbons

ToxTidbits (September 2014)
Topic: Expanding Access to Naloxone in Maryland

ToxTidbits (August 2014)
Topic: The EPA Rodenticide Ban and Bromethalin

ToxTidbits (July 2014)
Topic: Caffeine -- No Longer Just A Mild Stimulant!

ToxTidbits (June 2014)
Topic: Bupropion‌

‌‌ToxTidbits (April/May 2014)
Topic: E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid Nicotine

ToxTidbits (March 2014)
Topic: Hydrogen Peroxide Ingestions

ToxTidbits (February 2014)
Topic: Zohydro ER (Hydrocodone)

ToxTidbits (January 2014)
Topic: False Positive Urine Screens for Phencyclidine


ToxTidbits (December 2013)
Topic: Pediatric Magnet Ingestions

ToxTidbits (November 2013)
Topic: What is "Krokodil"?

ToxTidbits (September/October 2013)
Topic: Maryland Poison Center 2012 Annual Report

ToxTidbits (August 2013)
Topic: Laundry Detergent Pod Ingestions

ToxTidbits (July 2013)
Topic: Fentanyl and Acetyl Fentanyl

ToxTidbits (June 2013)
Topic: Ethanol Therapy for Ethylene Glycol and Methanol Toxicity

ToxTidbits (May 2013)
Topic: The "Cinnamon Challenge"

ToxTidbits (March/April 2013)
Topic: Ricin

ToxTidbits (February 2013)
Topic: National Poison Prevention Week

ToxTidbits (January 2013)
Topic: 5 “Tox Tips” to help you manage your poisoned patients and a chart of Toxidromes


ToxTidbits (December 2012)
Topic: Ibogaine

ToxTidbits (November 2012)
Topic: Treatment of Warfarin Over-Anticoagulation – Vitamin K1 Update

ToxTidbits (October 2012)
Topic: The Value of Poison Centers

ToxTidbits (September 2012)
Topic: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis

ToxTidbits (August 2012)
Topic: Ondansetron and QT Interval Prolongation

ToxTidbits (July 2012)
Topic: L-Carnitine Use in Valproic Acid Toxicity

ToxTidbits (June 2012)
Topic: CroFab: Important Update

ToxTidbits (May 2012)
Topic: Intranasal Naloxone: Concentrate and Split

ToxTidbits (April 2012)
Topic: Methylene Chloride; also, a warning about the Cinnamon Challenge

ToxTidbits (March 2012)
Topic: MDMA (ecstasy)

ToxTidbits (February 2012)
Topic: Baclofen Overdoses

ToxTidbits (January 2012)
Topic: ACE Inhibitor Overdoses


ToxTidbits (December 2011)
Topic: Dabigatran (Pradaxa)

ToxTidbits (November 2011)
Topic: Sulfonylurea Overdoses

ToxTidbits (October 2011)
Topic: Acute Metformin Overdose

ToxTidbits (September 2011)
Topic: Cofactors for Ethylene Glycol and Methanol Poisoning

ToxTidbits (August 2011)
Topic: Carisoprodol

ToxTidbits (July 2011)
Topic: Magnesium Toxicity; also an update on Synthetic Marijuana Compounds

ToxTidbits (June 2011)
Topic: Chlorine Inhalation Exposures

ToxTidbits (May 2011)
Topic: Cholinergic Toxidrome

ToxTidbits (April 2011)
Topic: Unintentional Insulin Errors

ToxTidbits (April 2011 Supplement)
Topic: Levothyroxine Overdose

ToxTidbits (March 2011)
Topic: Nutmeg Abuse

ToxTidbits (March 2011 Supplement)
Topic: Tramadol Overdose

ToxTidbits (February 2011)
Topic: “Bath Salts” (MDPV)

ToxTidbits (January 2011)
Topic: Benzonatate (Tessalon)


ToxTidbits (December 2010)
Topic: Citalopram and Escitalopram

ToxTidbits (November 2010)
Topic: Alcoholic Energy Drinks

ToxTidbits (October 2010)
Topic: Whole Bowel Irrigation

ToxTidbits (September 2010)
Topic: Serotonin Syndrome

ToxTidbits (August 2010)
Topic: Button Battery Ingestions

ToxTidbits (July 2010)
Topic: Levamisole - A Cocaine Contaminant

ToxTidbits (June 2010)
Topic: Accidental Epinephrine Injections

ToxTidbits (May 2010)
Topic: Mushroom Poisoning- Amatoxins

ToxTidbits (April 2010)
Topic: Ziprasidone

ToxTidbits (March 2010)
Topic: Scombroid Fish Poisoning

ToxTidbits (February 2010)
Topic: Topical Imidazolines

ToxTidbits (January 2010)
Topic: Benzocaine and Methemoglobinemia


ToxTidbits (December 2009)
Topic: Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Overdose

ToxTidbits (November 2009)
Topic: Ingestion of Isopropanol

ToxTidbits (October 2009)
Topic: Acetaminophen -- A New Approach to an Old Problem

ToxTidbits (September 2009)
Topic: Hyperinsulinemia Euglycemia

ToxTidbits (August 2009)
Topic: Body Packers and Body Stuffers

ToxTidbits (July 2009)
Topic: Propofol Infusion Syndrome

ToxTidbits (June 2009)
Topic: Hydrogen Sulfide

ToxTidbits (May 2009)
Topic: Oxymorphone (Opana)

ToxTidbits (April 2009)
Topic: Intralipid for Overdoses

ToxTidbits (March 2009)
Topic: Prussian Blue

ToxTidbits (February 2009)
Topic: Valproic Acid

ToxTidbits (January 2009)
Topic: Methotrexate Toxicity


ToxTidbits (December 2008)
Topic: Fomepizole: Drug Name Confusion

ToxTidbits (November 2008)
Topic: Iron Overdose

ToxTidbits (October 2008)
Topic: Stings from the Puss Caterpillar

ToxTidbits (September 2008)
Topic: Jimson Weed

ToxTidbits (August 2008)
Topic: Medication Errors with Intravenous Acetylcysteine

ToxTidbits (July 2008)
Topic: Brown Recluse Spider Envenomations

ToxTidbits (June 2008)
Topic: Tramadol Overdose

ToxTidbits (May 2008)
Topic: Emergency Medical Services and the Maryland Poison Center

ToxTidbits (March 2008)
Topic: Acute Phenytoin Overdose

ToxTidbits (February 2008)Topic: National Poison Prevention Week

ToxTidbits (January 2008)
Topic: Caffeine Overdose


ToxTidbits (December 2007)
Topic: Holiday Hazards

ToxTidbits (November 2007)
Topic: Haloperidol (Haldol) Use in Toxicology

ToxTidbits (October 2007)
Topic: Clonidine Overdoses

ToxTidbits (September 2007)
Topic: Ciguatera Fish Poisoning

ToxTidbits (August 2007)
Topic: Unintentional Hydrocarbon Ingestions

ToxTidbits (July 2007)
Topic: Hand Sanitizers -- How Toxic Are They?

ToxTidbits (June 2007)
Topic: Methadone Abuse and Overdoses

ToxTidbits (March 2007)
Topic: Atomoxetine (Strattera)

ToxTidbits (February 2007)
Topic: Counterfeit and Adulterated Drugs

ToxTidbits (January 2007)
Topic: Clenbuterol Overdoses